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Winners Gallery

cliff77 won £8,000 on Pyramids of Cash
“I feel very good about the win, it was fantastic. I will look forward to spending it on a cruise with my wife."
harryhill1970 won £2,564 on Jackpot Jamboree
“I am going to spend my winnings on a new flat in Brighton and get some new clothes for my rich new life style."
maur60 won £32,086 on Pyramids of Cash
“It took a couple of checkings and asking Micheal the chat host if it was correct that I had won. I still can't believe I actually won a Jackpot. A very big thankyou KingJackpot."
billys mum won £10,931 on Blackbeard's Booty
“I have spoken to all my friends and family telling them how great this site is, my winnings will be split between myself, my husband, and a little for our 2 children who are both at University. So a big thank you King Jackpot! I look forward to receiving my winnings."
deceneuking202 won £2,265 on Slots of Bingo
“I am thrilled, I did not expect to win that much. I was playing at the right time and it was magical."
sexyemaz won £13,500 on Jungle Fever
“I was so shocked, but very happy new car here I come! Thanks King Jackpot."
soakey won £28,755.28 on Blackbeards Booty
“When the reel's spun and 5 chests' appeared I nearly had a heart attack, the win will pay a lot of things off and maybe buy a wee car, will also give my daughter, son in law and grandsons a few pounds."
paudom won £6,262 on Blackbeards Booty
“Just like to say thanks for my win. Not sure what to do with it, but I am sure one thing will be a nice holiday. Thanks again."
gran1963 won £2000+ on Jungle Fever and Riches Of Wonderland
“Just want to say tyvm kjp for my awesome win on Jungle Fever and on Riches of Wonderland £2000 who would of thought it, bit of retail therapy in order once again tyvm just love this site x"
daisy58 won £1,387.50 on African Safari
“What a surprise! I do enjoy your site - so friendly! I haven't thought what I will do the win but I'm sure my boys will have some ideas! "
Garyskeg won £11,500 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“Thank you, its was such a shock when it came up and said i had won £11,500. I had to take a double look at the screen just to make sure. I was in the process of looking for a new car, so i can now get an even better one than i was going to."
dandre77 won £3,500 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“It was the first time I used the King Jackpot website and it was also the first time I played Secrets Of The Pharaohs, I could not believe my luck. I plan to use my winnings on a nice holiday for me and my family."
jackpot-king won £1,500 Jungle Fever
“I won £1500 on jungle fever, I was so happy when I won that because now it's going to pay for a holiday, Thank you king jackpot."
Titosunshine won £2,100 on Secrets Of The Pharaohs
“I will spend my winnings on my first car, so happy because I'm sitting my test shortly and I'm confidant I'll pass so happy days!"
Garyskeg won £2,000 on Slots
“Such a surprise, going to Spain in four weeks, so will make a lovely addition to my spending money. Regards, garyskeg"
bob5555 won £1001 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Hi. I won 1700 on the slot lost city of Atlantis. The money is going towards a new van. Ty."
Cameogirl won £2,724 on Bingo
“I was amazed when I won the £2750.00 jackpot on the 75 ball game. I was playing a side game at the time - and noticed that my card had gone "purple" - then I looked to see that I had won in 14 balls (and 16 was the jackpot) - and then the jackpot amount dropped through. I am so excited and plan to spend some of the money on a weekend break for my husband and I. I still can't believe I won! You have to be in it to win it!"
lorenna83 won £2,000 on Slots of Bingo
“Thank you very much! I Have never won that much money before, I can now a holiday! :-) and I think this the time for a new tattoo... :-)"
HONEY25 won £ 1,531.20 on Jackpot Jamboree
“Hi kingjackpot. thx for all the great wins, in the last week or so and especially my big win, which is not my first the first win was xmas b4 last when i won triple this win, thx so much guys this money could not come at a better time for my six children n myself, I couldn?t believe it when i saw the wilds n ferris wheels drop one behind the other, in the free spin mode x"
kimmie27 won £2,250,00 on Spinning Spurs
“hi all at king jackpot well id like to thank everyone ive never won this amount ever and u could have blown me over when i did I?ll probably put it towards my holidays once again thankyou to kingjackpot team x x x"
garyskeg won £6,450.00 on Spinning Spurs
“Thank you, the win was a lovely surprise. I'm thinking of spending some on a return holiday to Cuba. I went there a couple of years ago, and loved it. The rest on lots of little treats, and maybe the odd"
sammie07 won £1,200.00 on Mad Science
“Thank you very much to King Jackpot I can now treat my daughter to her 21st birthday thank you again and good luck to everyone."

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