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Mega Bingo

Meet us in the Mega Bingo room twice daily for your chance to win

amazing guaranteed payout prizes.

DailyMorning Mega

Here’s the time for you to sweep Cash Prizes, Vouchers or

Giveaways every morning. You can shop at the local stores, grab

the cash, dine at luxury restaurants, pamper yourselves at a ritual

spa, relax at a hotel and even travel the world.

 Starts at 10:00 am

Vouchers - Shopping, Lunch/Dinner, Spa and Hotel. Real Cash up to £500 at 10:00am 

- 25p cards - £1k Jackpot 3-300 cards

Friday and Saturday

*Except the last Saturday of each month 

£500 Must Go at 10:00pm 

50p cards | £5k Jackpot | 3-300 cards

Last Saturday of the Month 


Holiday Voucher - 10:00am 

25p cards | £1k Jackpot | 3-300 cards



£2,500 Must Go at 10:00pm 

£1 cards | £5k Jackpot | 3-300 cards

What are you waiting for?
Get your cards today and you may be our next Mega winner!

£ 1,570,920.06

What is Mega Bingo?
Mega Bingo is an all new networked bingo game, offering
massive guaranteed prizes!
Where is the Mega Bingo room?
The Mega Bingo room is located on the Bingo icon on the Game Menu.
Check it out!
How do you buy Mega Bingo cards?
You can buy your cards for any scheduled Mega Bingo game in the Mega Bingo room or at any bingo table. To purchase cards from the bingo table, simply click on the Mega Bingo tab.
When can you buy Mega Bingo cards?
You can pre-buy your Mega Bingo cards any time in advance of the game playing. Once you have purchased your cards they will play for you at the scheduled game time whether you are logged into the game or not. All purchased cards will play!
Can you buy more cards after purchasing?
You bet you can! You can buy cards each and every day leading up to the big game. The more cards you have the more chances you will have to win!
How do you see the Mega Bingo game play?
Prior to game time just click on any open Mega Bingo machine and watch the game live as the numbers are being called.
If you miss the start of the game you can view the outcome once the game has ended by visiting your My Account page Game History.
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