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The way to play and win at Online Roulette

Every roulette player has his or her own system of how to play onlineroulette, some of them may appear to work – those are probably the lucky ones. But that’s just what it is, Lady Luck, because there are no systems for winning at onlineroulette. Roulette is purely a game of chance. Every single spin of the wheel is completely, and I mean completely independent of all other spins. That means that each time you place a bet on a single number, say 32, the chances of the ball bouncing over the frets and falling into the 32 pocket is 37 to 1 against. The fact that it has just fallen into that pocket twice in a row (or hasn’t fallen into the pocket for 100 spins of the wheel) does not alter the chance of it falling into the 32 pocket this one time – it will always be 37 to 1 (38 to 1 playing the American wheel)

There are plenty of “systems” that have been written about describing ways of winning at onlineroulette – don’t fall for it, you could write a book yourself given the time. The only way to approach the game is to know what the odds are for the different positions you can place your bet. Play knowing those onlineroulette odds. You stand a far higher chance of winning if you place your bet on, say, red or black than if you place it on a group of 12 numbers. Know the odds and go into the game knowing how much you are prepared to spend. That’s the way of winning.

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