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Who first called the game ?Poker??

There’s not much of an argument at to who first called the game Poker. It was a Joseph Crowell who first referred to the game as Poker in New Orleans in 1829, but it was not until 1843 that the name first appeared in print in the book An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling by one Jonathan Green. The game has grown in stature since then, and today many thousands, if not millions, of people are playing the game on a daily basis. Today there are three different ways in which you can play poker. You can play live, as in a casino or on a riverboat, you can play on the Internet – this may be similar In all respects to playing live or it could be a virtual slot machine, or you can play actual slot machine poker in a casino or other gaming hall.

Aside from the different ways in which you can play the game of poker, there are more than a few variations of the game. In fact there are 37 varieties of video poker listed on one website alone. There are three forms of the game of poker that are played live and on the Internet, Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven Stud, but in addition there are several draw poker games, five card stud, Pineapple and Horse. Before you start playing poker online and risking your money, make sure that you are playing on a trustworthy site such as this, where you can be sure of being paid out.

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