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Learning to play videopoker is a lot easier than learning to play table poker. With the traditional game you need to be skilled in the art of bluffing and also have to compete with other players. Player intimidation is at the order of the day at a traditional game, but with videopoker it is only you and the computer.

Since the odds are more in your favour when playing online videopoker than with a traditional game, you have the opportunity to win on a regular basis without having to invest large amounts of money.

King Jackpot offers two types:

• Jacks or Better
• Wild Deuces

How to play

Five cards are dealt by the computer. You select which cards to keep. If your hand is higher than the computer’s hand you win and have the opportunity to double your winnings through the “double-up” feature. This means another card is dealt by the house. You also receive cards. The computer’s card is turned over and you select one of the cards to turn over. If your hand is higher you win and can double your winnings again. This can be done up to three times.

To win at the game you need a strategy. Although there are literally hundreds of combinations you can increase the odds of winning by betting all five coins and by taking your time to select the cards to hold. Never double-up more than two times as this change the odds considerably.

To make a descent living, you need to change play between the pokers and also try your hand at some of luck the games such as bingo where you can build handsome bonuses. King Jackpot makes it even easier to win regularly through free software that can be used to practice your skills. In addition, you can build extra bonuses by referring friends to the site. Sign-up today, it is free and you will enjoy every videopoker game at King Jackpot.

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