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Video poker online

Play video poker online at King Jackpot, the best Internet casino in Europe. With a low house edge and full instructions provided, you stand a better chance of winning the jackpot than at a traditional casino.

Even receive 5 UK Pounds when you sign-up. The registration process is quick and free. In addition you will receive free software to download which affords you the comfort of practicing without having to invest any money. Up to 4000 coins can be won in the jackpot while several hands constitute a win. The double-up feature is easy to use and makes it possible to double your winnings up to three times. Part luck and part skill, the video poker online offered at King Jackpot is exciting, fun to play, and offers amazing opportunities to win a lot of money from the comfort of your home.

Unlike traditional casinos where you would lose the hand should you walk away from the machine, King Jackpot offers a feature that makes it possible to resume where you left off should the connection to the server be lost. Since King Jackpot is a licensed Internet casino operating under the rules and regulations of the Netherlands Antilles, you are safeguarded against fraudulent dealings. Players are important to us and so is the integrity of King Jackpot. For this reason, your privacy is guaranteed through a secure username and password system, 128 bit encryption, and a policy which states that your email address will never be shared with commercial entities.

Two types of video poker online can be played at King Jackpot. Jacks or Better is the traditional machine game offered at casinos while Wild Deuces offers the same game, but with wild cards which can be used in the place of other cards to make up a hand. Register today and stand a chance at winning the jackpot through video poker online.

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