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Do you ever get tired of having to drive to casinos to play poker? Do you wish you could play the game from the comfort of your home? Do you want to meet new players? Then make your way to the King Jackpot gambling site where a variety of skills and games are offered.


Video Poker

You can play an online game at your own pace and eliminate the human factor at King Jackpot. One of the drawbacks of playing in a casino hall is that you have to compete with several other players all with their own personalities and agendas. Video poker takes care of this issue and allows play between an individual player and the House Dealer.


The game objective

The gambling software deals five cards for the first hand. You simply select the cards you want to keep and discard the rest. The Dealer replaces the discarded cards with others from the deck.


The idea is to get the strongest hand. If your hand is the strongest, you get a pay out. The pay-out total depends on the strength of the hand. You also have the opportunity to double your winnings in the next phase of the game.

Simply click on the double-up button to receive a new hand of five cards with the dealer’s card turned face up. You select one of face down cards. All the remaining cards and yours will be visible with yours highlighted. If your card is higher than the dealer card, your original winnings are doubled. If not, the game is over and you forfeit the original winnings and can start a new game.

You can further increase your winnings if your card beats the dealer card by repeating the process. You can double-up to a maximum of three times. Once you are ready to collect the winnings, simply press the Collect button and the pay-out will be done.

What happens if your card and the dealer card are of the same value?

This forces a tie and nobody wins. You have the option to double-up or collect. The amount won will be paid out.


What happens if you get disconnected during a double-up phase?

The game can be continued where you left off before you were disconnected. You will thus not lose any winnings. This is a definite assurance and benefit of playing online poker at King Jackpot.


Poker games offered

Two main video pokers are offered online at King Jackpot to ensure that you will never get bored and that you can select one that you feel most comfortable with.


Deuces Wild Poker

The game is played with 52 cards, though the deck contains wild cards known as Deuces that can stand in for any denomination to get a winning hand. The game has a maximum win of 4000 coins or chips. A wide variety of hands are offered for a winning position:

  • Natural Royal Flush – combination of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.
  • Four Deuces – when you have all four Deuce cards in one hand.
  • Royal Deuces – where one or more Deuces are used to get a Royal Flush.
  • Five of a Kind- four or five cards of the same denomination when a Deuce is included.
  • Straight Flush – when you have five cards of the same in a perfect sequence – even when a Deuce is used.
  • Four of a Kind – four cards of the same in any combination.
  • Full House – combination of three cards of the same denomination plus two cards of another.
  • Flush - same suit combination

More combinations are offered and can be viewed onsite at King Jackpot. The second game is that of Jacks or better, which includes no wild cards or Deuces and has a maximum pay out of 4000 chips or coins.
King Jackpot makes winning at video poker easy with a lower house edge than that offered by traditional casinos. You can register for free and download the software. You will even receive 5 UK Pounds for free just for signing up. Once you are ready to win serious money, fund your account and get even more awards. Don’t delay; you could be the next big winner.

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