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Poker video

Wild Deuces poker video that can be played online at King Jackpot is slot game suitable for both the novice and expert player. It is played in a similar way as Jacks or Better poker video, but includes a Joker that can substitute any card denomination to gain a winning hand. The inclusion of the wild cards provides the player with better odds at winning. It is a fast paced game, but you are in control at King Jackpot where you can set the pace to your liking. It is exciting and contains the element of surprise.

How is the game played?

Unlike normal poker video which makes use of a 52 deck, Wild Deuces at most casinos has 53 cards in the pack. At King Jackpot several Deuces or Jokers can be used in a hand. Every hand contains 5 cards. You can select any of the cards to keep or discard through the select button. You may keep or discard a whole hand. Discarded cards are replaced with new ones. If your hand is higher than the computer’s hand you win and can then either select pay-out to start a new game or opt for double-up. This feature makes it possible to double your winnings up to three times. It is recommended to stick to a maximum of two times to prevent the odds being stacked up against you.

How to identify a winning hand

King Jackpot offers players several opportunities to win. The jackpot is set at 4000 coins per hand. If you consider that it only takes 5 coins for a maximum bet, you will agree that it is an amazing jackpot.

The following constitute winning hands:

• Royal Flush
• Five of a Kind
• Four of a Kind
• Straight Flush
• Flush
• Straight
• Three of a Kind
• In addition you to the above hands you also get Wild Card winning combinations for each one.

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