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Are you looking for the perfect poker casino where you will not only win, but also enjoy every moment of your visit? Then you should visit and join the King Jackpot gambling site.


The UK based site is a registered and licensed poker casino offering several games such as bingo, blackjack, wheel of fortune, video poker, lotteries and more though a highly interactive interface. The graphics are of exceptionally high standard while the easy navigation offered by the site, saves time and ensures a pleasant stay.

You can even build your own character and decide how the character will walk, talk and dress to fit your personal style. The online poker casino has the same feel as a traditional gambling hall, complete with tables and players. The difference however, lies in the experience.

Unlike the traditional gambling halls, the King Jackpot poker casino is not cramped with players and you don’t have to wait your turn. You can even select a table where your friends play and have the ability to chat or turn chat off. You don’t have to deal with intimidation, dress codes or drinks being offered just as you are on the roll.

If you lose your internet connection while playing a game, it will be stored and you can proceed where you left off. You can play from the comfort of your home and save on travelling costs. There is no tipping for the dealer or waiter and you can eat or drink at the table, read a newspaper while the hand is dealt and simply relax while you win.

Secure online payment and transaction processing are provided and registering is free. You will in fact, receive 5 UK Pounds to your bonus account just for registering. If not enough, you also get bonuses and awards for referring friends. Since the poker casino has few overheads, it can offer you several more monthly and weekly prize draws, excellent opportunities to win, numerous tournaments, vouchers and a free newsletter. Your loyalty is rewarded through VIP membership.

You even receive free software to download and can practice for free before you embark on professional gambling. There is never a dull moment as players congratulate each other with “Way to go!”

Two types of video pokers are offered – Jacks or Better and Deuces. You can select the one you are comfortable with and even stop a game whenever you want. The double-up feature provides more opportunity to win big.

The two games are briefly explained although you can find numerous online tutorials, instructions, tips and guides at King Jackpot where it is not just about winning, but also about fun.

Jacks or Better

It is the standard video poker game with no wild cards and a maximum of 4000 chips as pay-out per game. The excellent winnings are as follows:


  • Royal Flush with maximum coins played – 4000 coins
  • Straight Flush at maximum played – 250 coins
  • Four of a Kind – 125 coins
  • Full House – 30 coins
  • Flush – 25 coins
  • Straight – 20 coins
  • Three of a kind – 15 coins
  • Jacks or better – 5


A maximum winning of 4000 coin pay-out applies. A 52 deck pack is used, but wild cards can be used for any denomination or suit to get a winning hand. The maximum win per hand is showed below:

  • Natural Royal Flush at 4000 coins
  • 4 Deuces at 1000 coins
  • Deuces Royal Flush at 125 coins
  • 5 of a Kind at 75 coins
  • Straight Flush at 50 coins
  • 4 of a Kind at 20 coins
  • Full House at 15 coins
  • Flush at 10 coins
  • Straight at 10 coins
  • 3 of a Kind at 5 coins.

With so many excellent benefits and winnings you cannot ask for a more suitable online poker casino than King Jackpot. Register now - it is free.

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