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Online gambling rules

As a European registered Internet casino, King Jackpot adheres to all the online gambling rules as set out by the Netherlands Antilles online gambling rules and regulations.

This includes being licensed and paying monthly license fees. A strict code of ethics is followed to promote safe, secure, harassment free and legal Internet betting. Since it is illegal to play at Internet casinos in some countries, King Jackpot prohibits access by players from those countries. US players cannot play at the casino and will thus also not have access.

To prevent under age players from playing at King Jackpot and to prevent fraud, only one IP address per household can register at the number one site in Europe. Requests for credit are denied since the casino does not want players to get into debt. To promote fair and responsible Internet betting, the bonuses paid into player accounts can only be used when all the funds in the player accounts are depleted.

King Jackpot also adheres to tax procedures and transparency when dealing with players. Since the players are the most important, special steps have been taken to protect players against identity theft attempts and fraud. A secure payment system is in place and usernames cannot be changed. No player information is shared with commercial entities and a reliable secure payment company is used for the processing of payments.

Players can thus enjoy games such as video poker, slots, roulette, lotteries and bingo without the fear of harassment, identity theft, cheating and fraud in a safe and secure virtual environment. Register for free at King Jackpot where you will receive 5 UK pounds to try your hand at these games before you fund your account. Players have numerous opportunities to win at any of the games offered and since the site adheres to all the online gambling rules for secure and fair play, you can be assured that your money is safe.

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