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Online gambling games

Online gambling games date back to the 1990’s when the Internet just started to grow in response to the need of people around the world for virtual gaming opportunities.

Playing at traditional casinos are more often than not, too expensive for most people who just cannot afford to lose a lot of money while they learn new skills. Travelling costs, tips, as well as food and drinks all eat into the winnings of players. As such the popularity of online gambling games kept increasing.

The first Internet casino came into being in Antigua, Barbuda in 1994. Internet casinos soon sprang up in Canada and America. Europe followed in their footsteps and today there are a myriad of online gambling games that can be played.

Several Internet casinos however, are not registered or licensed. People who play at these casinos have no guarantee of money pay-outs and often find that their personal information is compromised. Fortunately there are quite a few legal Internet casinos operating under licensing bodies and adhering to strict codes of practice.

King Jackpot is one of the licensed sites operating under the rules and regulations of the Netherlands Antilles. Player privacy is guaranteed through unique login names and passwords with 8 to 10 characters. The privacy statement indicates that no player information will be shared with third parties or commercial interests. Signing up at a reputable site such as King Jackpot means that:

• You will receive your winnings promptly
• The house will not allow cheating
• The house will act with integrity
• Your personal information stays secure

King Jackpot offers you the opportunity to play:

• Video poker – Jacks or Better and Wild Deuces
• Slots – three and five reel fruit slots
• Wheel of fortune
• Bingo and freenet bingo
• Lucky draws
• Scratch cards
• Chat room games

Sign up for free to enjoy the above online gambling games from the comfort of your home.

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