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The King Jackpot online casino provides a relaxed and secure environment where players can mingle and enjoy video poker, bingo, slots, and lotteries all from the comfort of their homes.


As registered gambling license holder the site is dedicated to the adherence of all rules and regulations and the promotion of fair and responsible gambling practices. As such player privacy is respected. A secure online payment system is provided and all confidential information safeguarded through the latest technologies including a firewall and an encryption system.

Some of the benefits of playing at the King Jackpot online casino include:

  • Secure transaction processing system in place.
  • Excellent prizes including vouchers, rewards, comp points and cash.
  • Free registration allows users to browse through the site without having to pay first.
  • Free play is allowed to ensure that leisure players can also enjoy facilities at the internet site and learn the ropes.
  • Chat room facilities provide a high level of interactivity.
  • Chat room master to enforce responsible chatting.
  • Prevention of user personification through passwords and usernames.
  • Large jackpot prizes and progressive jackpots.
  • Wide variety of games including bingo, poker, slots, and lotteries.
  • Regular tournaments.
  • Free newsletter packed with news, tips and vital information.
  • Free software for downloading to use for learning of the games and playing at the online casino.
  • Virus, malware, adware and identity theft prevention.
  • Player privacy guaranteed through a username system.
  • Weekly prize draws on Sundays.
  • Excellent incentives, rewards and bonuses.
  • Rewards for the referral of friends.
  • Percentage matching of deposits.
  • Incentives for registering such as 5 UK Pounds deposited to the player’s account.
  • Excellent graphics make the site visually attractive.
  • Easy to navigate site with help functions.
  • Similar to a traditional gambling hall complete with a host, halls and tables.

In addition to the above benefits you also have several other advantages when you play at a reputable online casino rather than a brick and mortar gambling hall.

Traditional gambling halls expect players to be skilled when they enter the poker halls. More often than not, players refrain from entering tournaments or trying their hand at poker at gambling halls because they fear embarrassment, intimidation by other players, and lack the skills to really win big. Video poker at an online casino such as King Jackpot, takes care of player intimidation and since all the rules and regulations are explained on the site, any person can enjoy the game. Tips, tutorials and guides also help to gain the required skills while the free software downloaded makes it possible to practice.

Traditional gambling halls also have dress codes whereas you can play poker or bingo at an online casino from the privacy of your home in whatever clothes you are comfortable with.

Since you don’t have to travel, pay parking fees or tip waiters and dealers you save on expenses. Apart from the above you also save on drinks, food and additional entertainment and don’t have to take a lot of time out of your schedule to play. You can play a quick game of video poker and then go on with your daily routine.

The chat room facility offered at the King Jackpot online casino provides hours of fun and makes gambling interesting. Players can build new friendships while they enjoy a game of bingo and learn from more experienced players. Chatting is made easy at King Jackpot. Simply type your comment in the box provided at the bottom of the screen and you are communicating with other players!

The amazing world provided through the user friendly King Jackpot online casino welcomes new players through a free registration option whereby players can enjoy a few games before they fund their accounts. Why not make use of the opportunity and also benefit from playing at the King Jackpot online casino? Simply sign up and begin your tour through the site.

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