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Online bingo

Once you have played online bingo at King Jackpot you will wonder why you have not done so before. It is a completely new experience and with so many free opportunities, bonuses and live chat game partners you will just enjoy every moment of it.


Why play online bingo?

Unlike playing traditional bingo where talking is not allowed, you can share ideas, tips and even a bit of conversation with fellow players through the chat room. Unlike the balls used in the traditional game, you have random generated virtual balls for online bingo. In contrast to the traditional game being associated with senior citizens, online bingo is a game for all ages and loved by women in particular. The sense of community spirit developed and new friendships nurtured through the chat rooms make the game even more worthwhile.


Play online bingo from the comfort of your home. There is no reason to get all dressed up and having to sit in a cold hall. You can sit in front of your computer with a cup of steaming hot chocolate in your favourite pair of slacks and play a quick game, meet new people or stay totally anonymous. Play it late at night or just after you dropped the kids at school at King Jackpot where online bingo comes alive and brings tremendous excitement to your life.

Getting started

To win the big prizes you need to fund an account, but you will be glad to know that you can also enter a free online bingo game where you can learn without risking your money. In addition you can also try your hand at online bingo with the sandbox system where you will not have to put down a deposit, but will not be able to gain any monetary benefits. The system is designed to help players get the hang and feel of the game without any risk involved.


You can make payments through e-wallets and even get incentives for funding the account. This can take the form of a bonus for the same amount deposited and many more incentives.

How do you play online bingo?

The auto-daub feature offered makes playing easier since you don’t have to keep track of the numbers called. The system automatically marks off the numbers as they are called, so you won’t miss a thing. Although it is a game of luck, the excitement is still high. Other features such as best cards highlighted for you free up time so you can enjoy the chat conversations while you play the game.


There are 75 balls played. The aim of the game is simple. Mark off the balls called to get a complete pattern. Every card has a total of five columns. There are also five horizontal lines on each card giving you a total of 25 numbers on a card. You will notice that the first column has the lower numbers from 1 to 10, while the last column has the high numbers from 61 to 75. You need to play a minimum of three cards in a game.

The game is divided into three stages; the one and two lines and then the full house. With the one line game you need to get a horizontal line marked, thus a total of five numbers in one line. The second stage has two marked lines to complete, while full house means you need all 25 numbers marked off. The prize is determined by the stage of the game while full house means a huge prize.

Enjoy the chat room

The chat room just adds so much more to the game as players congratulate each other with “way to go”. You will however, need to keep to the chat room etiquette as with any forum or live chat facility. There is no reason to be concerned. The acronyms and etiquette are provided and the more experienced players show courtesy to new comers. Get to King Jackpot now and have fun while playing online bingo.

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