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The online bingo market is booming. The surprise success story of the once humble game played in mothball-scented church halls by ladies with blue-rinses has gone beyond many expectations. Today, bingo represents one of the major online gaming industries, and is still going strong. Many predicted the game would suffer irreparable damage with the legal clampdown on online gambling in the States last year, but while individual companies took the bullet in many cases the headquarters simply moved across the pond and the bingo boom has continued in the UK and Europe.

Figures released by Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) online bingo games generated wins of £72 million last year. It is predicted that this will soar even higher in 2008 and within the next 5 years analysts anticipate this market segment will be worth around £164 million. These impressive figures will no doubt be bandied about at the 2nd Annual Online Bingo Summit, taking place in London on 25 / 26 September this year.

The rise of online bingo has been connected to the rise in broadband penetration, high impact online marketing, the UK smoking ban in bingo halls and word of mouth creating hype around the simple yet fast-paced gambling game.

Phil Fraser, the chairman at this year's Summit, says: "Increased awareness of online bingo in the mass market, driven by the big land-based bingo brands and media owners' bingo sites, means that there is still much room for growth.

Continuing increases in broadband into people's homes and the increase in variety and quality of product also contributes to this opportunity. "Dominic Mansour, another keynote speaker at the event adds " It has long been the case that a form of gambling that attracts nearly 2 million visits a week in the UK alone, yet reflects only a single digit percentage of online gaming would be the next big thing." More than seventy companies have already confirmed attendance at the massive event, taking up 50% of the exhibition area even at this early stage.

King Jackpot’s online bingo tips and tricks

If you play at King Jackpot, your fate is in the hands of our random number generator - so there aren’t really any special strategies to learn that will give you a better chance of winning. However, we’ve put together some helpful hints to increase your chances at winning and to make sure that you have extra fun while playing Bingo.

Top Tip 1: Don’t play in an overcrowded Room.


If you’re in an overcrowded bingo game, your winning chances will be less because you’ve got more competition to contend with. In order to spread the winning and to give every one of our players a fair chance to win we have opened up a second room.

Did you know?

Here are some great bits of trivia for you to read.

• There are nearly 2 million admissions per week or around 90 million admissions per year to bingo clubs in Great Britain alone. No wonder the popularity of internet bingo has soared!

• Women spend 50% more time each week playing bingo than men. Come on guys, next time you’re heading to the pub choose an online bingo game instead and turn the tables on the women!

• There are over 1.4 million unique bingo cards possible.

Bingo is the most popular group leisure activity in the UK and the second most popular individual leisure activity. Who needs an outdoors adventure in the country when you can win big prize money on an online bingo game?

Bingo is the only gambling game allowed by the armed forces. So if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!


National Responsible Gaming

King Jackpot support and encourage responsible gaming. We have implemented a number of measures to address the problem of compulsive gambling one of which include: Prohibiting anyone under the age of 18 to play our online games. We also do not allow more than one bingo account per household.

Fair Gaming

Each and every player at King Jackpot is valuable to us and is guaranteed a fair and secure gaming environment. We uphold a fair and secure gaming environment with or main focus on high payout ratios which are reviewed on a regular basis. To ensure that all of our competition winners and bingo game results are truly random, we use a Random Number Generator, which guarantees fair play all the time.

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