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National bingo night

Have you ever wondered how you could be one of the players that participate at National bingo night? Then register for free at King Jackpot where you will also receive 5 UK Pounds to play with while you learn the ropes. Once you know your way around, fund your account and become a regular player. Just by playing at King Jackpot you will be eligible to play at the National bingo night.

How does the game work?

Although there are numerous similarities to the traditional game, the online version is more exciting and doesn’t require a lot of concentration or skill. It is a lively event with loads of bonuses and opportunities to win and the excitement is even more when participating in a nationwide event. Players communicate through the click of a mouse and should you find all the chatting a bit distracting you can opt to play without the chatting although this is the place where friendships are build and tips shared.
Players receive a minimum of three cards and 75 balls are played. Each card consists of 5 columns and 5 rows. As the numbers are called, the corresponding numbers on the cards are marked. There is also a free space on every card that is covered. If you want more cards, simply click and buy more cards to increase the chances of winning. If a line is covered, you win on that level and if the whole card corresponds to the numbers called – congratulations you are a star winner. As each line nears a win, the colour will change which also applies for the whole card. This helps players to identify wins and makes for great excitement as a card nears a win.

You too can play at National bingo night. Simply register for free at King Jackpot and enter the tournament.

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