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A quick look at roulette rules

Whether you intend to play live in a casino or on the Internet, there are certain roulette rules and etiquette that you should follow. Firstly, when the croupier calls out No more bets or in French Rien ne vas plus that’s just what he or she means – do not attempt to even move a chip, that’s very bad etiquette. In fact, don’t even touch your chip after he has stopped the betting. Remember that in this game you are not playing against other players – what they bet has no influence on your bet at all – you a playing individually against the table. If you’re playing on the Internet then the roulette rule you play to will be laid down by the site – it may limit the stake on any one bet to a certain amount – you’ll get this from the house rules.

There is only one common roulette rule that is frequently applied in casinos is the “En Prison” rule. This states that if you have a stake bet on an even money position and the ball lands on the zero, you may either take the bet back or leave it for the following spin. There is a similar roulette rule known as the “La Partage”, which states that in the same circumstances as the “En Prison” rule when the ball lands on zero you lose half of your bet – you may not leave the other half on the table. There are few rules governing the way you play roulette. The “En Prison” and “La Partage” rules are not played by all casinos and you should ask the croupier if they apply.

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