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How to play video poker

If it’s your first visit to a casino, whether it be a live one or a virtual casino on the Internet, you may want to know how to play video poker. As in all poker games you may play, video poker is played with the same basic rules as any other poker game. That is to say that you are betting on a draw of five cards. There are more than 35 different games of video poker listed on one Internet site, so you may have to have a quick look at the rules of the particular machine or game that you’re playing. After you make an initial bet, which can be anything from one to five credits in the video poker slots, but can different online, you are dealt five cards. You decide which of the cards you want to keep by pressing a hold button, and press the deal button to be re-dealt the non- retained cards. According to what cards you have you are paid out from a table of payouts.

Some online casinos allow you to play video poker differently in that the house is also dealt cards and you bet and play in a similar way to live poker. It is also possible to play video poker against a number of other participants, making the game far more similar to the live game. Many Internet casinos, such as this one, will give you £5 to play with when you initially sign up as a member.

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