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Some tips to help you get started with virtual bingo may just make the game more enjoyable and help you win in the process. King Jackpot is a virtual casino where bingo can be played almost anytime of the day or night.

With the Internet being the number one place to play bingo, you need to adapt your strategy a bit if you want to win big. In the traditional hall game, you get six cards of which all the available numbers will occur at least once. This makes the ticking process a bit easier, although you can miss numbers if you chat to the person next to you or lack concentration.
With Internet bingo being offered by online casinos such as King Jackpot, you don’t have to concentrate that hard. The auto-daub system automatically marks of the numbers called. You can play the 75 ball game at King Jackpot. You get 25 numbers on a card, consisting of 5 columns and 5 rows and a free space on your card which is covered. You can play three cards in a game and can easily increase your cards through the click of a button. The columns are marked and range from 1-15 at the B column to 61-75 at the O column.

You benefit from the progressive jackpot system which is awarded when you meet specified criteria for a game. If none of the players win the first round the winning is carried over to the next. Three stages characterize the game. The first one ensures a win when you have a horizontal line marked that was called, the second when you have two rows, while the final stage known as the Full House ensures a win if you have all the numbers marked which were called. This also means a big prize for you. King Jackpot makes it easier to identify when you near a win through colour changing of the cards. Purple means BINGO!

Socializing at the chat room
One of the benefits of playing Internet bingo is that you cannot mark the wrong number or miss a number. This doesn’t mean there is no fun or excitement. The virtual chat room ensures a good level of conversation amongst players. Unlike the normal game where you have to keep your comments or congratulations to yourself, chatting is promoted. As with any civilized conversation, there are some rules to adhere to.

Adhere to the etiquette such as not boasting when you win and being courteous to other players. Players don’t normally use their real names in the chat rooms, which gives them some freedom to express their opinions. Keep this in mind when someone deliberately makes a controversial comment. Don’t take it to heart. The supervisor at the chat room is there to ensure that verbal harassment, impersonation of other players, and advertising don’t take place.

Being anonymous however, should not lead to rudeness. Once you have developed a few virtual friendships, you will enjoy giving compliments such as good luck and way to go. You are allowed to yell BINGO in your own privacy as long as you don’t annoy other players by telling them how good you are.


Your account
You need to create an online account for which you will be awarded the right to play. There must be funds in the account since credit play is not allowed. You can be assured that your funds are safe and that you will receive payment due to you. You will be able to see who the payment company is at the site of play as well as when you want to make a payment. If you don’t recognize the credit company, don’t trust them. King Jackpot only makes use of reputable and trusted credit companies to ensure secure online transactions and safe bingo playing for all the players.

Some tips to help you along the way
Never play more than you can afford. Only enter bingo games offering value for money. You can identify this by looking at the cost of the cards, the bonuses offered, progressive jackpot and the popularity of the site. Also note that jackpots are normally higher over the weekends if you want to win big, but the same applies for the cost of cards to play.
You now have the background. Why not experience bingo fun at King Jackpot for yourself? Browse around the site and get to know the rules. Once you are comfortable, join in the fun.

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