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Games you can play at an online casino

There are a wide variety of games casinos offer to the public and they fall into several different categories, these being:
- Table games
o Card games
o Dice games
o Random number games
- Non-table games
o Gaming machines
o Random number games
The more popular card games casinos offer include Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Faro, but can include a wide number of other games, some of which are regional, such as Pai gow Poker, Australian Pontoon and Caribbean Stud Poker. Card games can sometimes be a little intimidating when players are playing against one-another, but many people consider that this adds to the enjoyment. The most well-known dice game is Craps, which you can find in all American casinos. Games such as Pai Gow, Sic Bo and Chuck-a-luck are more well known in the Far East. The most popular table game using random numbers is, of course, roulette. This has been adapted in the house’s favour in America by the addition of an extra 00 pocket in the wheel.

Non-table games casinos offer are the old fashioned slots, now adapted to be electronic rather than the mechanical variety of a few years ago. The electronic age has brought with it Video Poker, an extremely popular game casinos online have also taken up. The most popular random number game played off the tables is Bingo, sometimes called Housie Housie. This can also be played in online casinos such as this one. The game differs between the States and Europe in the layout of the Bingo Card, but the principles are the same.

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