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Gambling License

For any online casino to offer the services and games of luck in the UK and Europe legally, the site must be registered and operate with a valid gambling license. King Jackpot is one such site which also strictly adheres to the rules and regulations governing online casinos.


This is for the player’s benefit since it protects the consumer more than any other party. Some of the regulations that King Jackpot adheres to as a valid gambling license holder are discussed below. The King Jackpot online casino as gambling license holder is regulated by Netherlands Antilles gambling rules and regulations, which also cater for UK players and allowing for different currency regulations such as UK Pounds and Euros.

With an industry turnover of 53 billion UK Pounds in 2005 alone, it becomes apparent why regulation is so important. The aim of regulation is to prevent crime and ensure that online gambling is conducted in a proper fashion that allows for the protection of children as well as vulnerable people.

As gambling license holder King Jackpot supports responsible gaming and does not allow the request for credit. This ensures that no player finds himself in debt at King Jackpot. Free play is allowed, but playing for monetary incentives can only be done once the player deposits money into the personal account associated with the player. As part of the responsible gaming, bonuses paid into the account by King Jackpot can only be used at the site and cannot be used before the player funds are depleted. This is to prevent fraud on the part of players, but at the same time ensuring that no player can be in debt at the casino for incentives, awards, bonuses or cash.

To prevent under age players from participating in online gaming at King Jackpot, only one account per household is allowed and only one password and username can be associated with a specific IP address.

One more step is taken to prevent the accidental trespassing of rules and regulations for the specific gambling license held by King Jackpot. Offshore players from the US and banned countries, thus countries not allowing offshore online gambling, are prevented from accessing the website. A message is displayed once a player from one of these countries tries to access the site. The player is redirected and can view the list of banned countries. If online gaming in the specified country is legalized, the status of the country will be updated on the list and a player allowed.

Specific tax, pay-out and payment processing requirements are also met by King Jackpot and monthly gambling license fees paid. This is also to the benefit of players since the site is controlled, regularly reviewed and is willing to pay the required fees. It is an indication of its trustworthiness and provides players the confidence to play without having to be concerned about the integrity of the site.

Player privacy is respected and no information is shared with other parties for commercial or any other use. Only reputable online payment processing companies are used to ensure the safety and security of financial transactions.

King Jackpot does not only comply with all the rules and regulations of the specific online gambling license, but also endeavours to protect players from fraud attempts through personification. Nobody can trick other players by pretending to be someone else. Since the username used with registration can never be changed, it is recommended that you select one that you are comfortable with.

When you look for a safe and secure environment to play poker, slots, wheel of fortune, bingo and more, you should always look for a site that is registered, and indicates under which rules and regulations it operates. King Jackpot as registered gambling license holder endeavours to be transparent and provides all the required information you may need. Get to King Jackpot, the online casino you can trust.

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