Free Bingo: Play Bingo Games With No Deposit Required at King Jackpot UK

Free online bingo

Not all Internet casinos offer players the opportunity to play free online bingo, but at King Jackpot you can participate in this exciting game and even get 5 UK Pounds to do so. Simply register at King Jackpot and gain access to free online bingo, chatrooms and tutorials.

Although you will not be able to win cash prizes until you have funded your account, you will still be eligible for other prizes and can learn the tricks of the game without spending your own money.

In addition you will receive software to download that can be used to practice your skills and also have the opportunity to earn bonus points for referring friends. Once they fund their accounts, you can start to reap the benefits.

The free online bingo at King Jackpot is played in a virtual hall with tables. To join simply select the table and click on the on the buy option. You can play a minimum of three cards per game. Each card contains 5 numbers. There 5 rows and 5 columns. A caller will announce the balls and the winner is the person whose card first completes the pattern called. You can even change the numbers if you don’t like the cards and don’t have to be concerned about losing your winnings if the Internet connection is lost in the middle of the game. A feature called “Server plays on” ensures that the house computer will finish the game on your behalf and that all winnings due will be credited to your account.

Another excellent feature is that of the auto-daub system which marks the numbers as they are called. This leaves you with the freedom to chat while playing the game without fear of missing a number in the process. Colour coding is used to help players identify winning patterns ensuring that you will not miss out on a BINGO call. To enjoy free online bingo, register at King Jackpot today and start playing.

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