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There are two distinctly different Bingos out there in the world at large – English bingo and American bingo. The one similarity between the two Bingos is that numbers are called by the house, but there the similarity ends. Bingo found on the Internet is similarly split into the two different types depending upon which site you go to. In the English Bingo
? The card has three rows
? The card has nine columns
? There are fifteen numbers on the card
? There are ninety numbers called
Whereas in the American version of the game
? The card has five rows
? The card has five columns
? There are twenty numbers on the card
? There are seventy-five numbers called

There are different ways in which payouts are made in the two Bingos – in the English system smaller payouts are made when either one or two rows are filled and the large payout when all fifteen numbers on the winning card have been called. This also applies in the American system, the more complicated of the two Bingos, though wins can be achieved by filling in a particular pattern – for example a square of four adjacent numbers is called a postage stamp and can be a winning combination when completed. Other common patterns in the American system are single line, two lines, the four corners, centre cross, L, T, Y, inner square (4 × 4), roving square (3 × 3), and roving kite (a 3 × 3 diamond). Lines can also be made horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

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