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The different types of Poker Game

There are numerous different types of poker game, so many that a whole book could be written describing the different variations of the game. Essentially, in most cases, hand rankings are identical, though there can be small variations in card representation such as deuces being wild cards (that is to say that deuces may represent any card) or a joker may be included as a wild card. The hand ranking in a poker game is shown here
1. Royal Flush – AKQJ10 all of the same suit
2. Straight Flush – a straight all of the same suit
3. Four of a kind – four cards of the same value, eg 7777J
4. Full House – three cards of the same value and a pair eg JJJ66
5. Flush – five cards of the same suit eg 3479J all Hearts
6. Straight – five cards of adjacent ascending value eg 56789 of different suits
7. Three of a kind - three cards of the same value eg QQQ56
8. Two Pairs – two pair of cards eg KK779
9. One Pair – one pair of cards eg AA953
10. High Card – the highest card in the hand – Ace high
The Ace is always high except that it may be used in a low straight A2345

At the time of writing, the most popular live and online poker game in the World is Texas Holdem followed by Omaha Poker and Seven Card Stud. The poker game has grown in popularity and the are thousands of people playing online at any one time.

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