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Bingo Love Online by MORGAN COLLINS

Online bingo provides a great way of meeting people online and can be seen to provide the same social and dating functions as a typical online chat room or even an online dating agency.

Millions of people around the world love playing bingo. For those of us in the UK, where 3 million or so visit bingo halls throughout the year, bingo is a part of our weekly social activities. It enables singles, couples and even the whole family to go out together for a night of fun and drinks with friends, while experiencing the excitement and thrill of winning cash prizes in a game of chance.

Many bingo halls have a pub like atmosphere, which allows people to meet new friends and chat without the dark lighting, heavy loud music or “teeny boppers” which are typical of a nightclub or bar. Indeed, many players have met their true love in a bingo hall.

The same can be said for online bingo as it offers an environment not too dissimilar from a bingo hall, indeed online bingo can be seen as a virtual bingo hall.

From the comfort of your home you can experience the same social environment, albeit without the drinking element (unless you have a well stocked bar at home).

Surveys show that online bingo is also played by the same demographic of people who use chat rooms or online dating agencies as a way of meeting people. Perhaps because most online bingo sites provide a chat room function where you can play fun games and interact with people using the same chat room system. On a network like Chit Chat Bingo, you can meet people from all over the UK and potentially Europe, as the game will share a common player network, which increases the jackpot prize capability as well as the amount of players that can chat together and meet each other.

According to one internet survey agency, 54% of women have used online dating or chat rooms in order to find friendship. Its statistics show that 46% of men use online dating or chat rooms looking for long-term relationships.

The list below shows what the percentage of men and women are seeking when entering chat room or dating agencies.

Those seeking friendship – 39% men, 54% women Seeking long-term relationships – 46% men, 42% women Intimate relationship – 37% men, 16% women Shared interest – 22% men, 27% women No strings flings – 30% men, 8% women Short term – 21% men, 10% women

The same survey also showed that around 14% of men and 14% of women internet users have used an online chat room or dating website to find true love online and some 13% men and 6% women seeking marriage.

Although there are no statistics available, it is highly likely that online bingo has been used, whether purposely or inadvertently to find love online. Perhaps chat room managers could provide some evidence of this as they monitor the chat rooms for abuse, to protect game users from unwanted soliciting and incorrect language. Chat managers are online for long periods so they could be witness to lengthy conversations from people forming an online relationship.

For many though, chat rooms and online dating are a way of communicating with the outside world without the need for forming a physical relationship. Indeed, there are many dangers lurking in today’s modern world, and the advice would be that if you are arranging to meet someone you have met online, to take a friend with you.

Internet statistics show that around 14% of users have received some unwanted solicitation in a chat room and these can sometimes become very aggressive.

Aside from these dangers, chat rooms and dating agencies are a way of providing interaction without the need for physical connection. Chat rooms allow us to remain anonymous in a virtual world, perhaps allowing us to pretend to be someone else, or to create a pseudo-character - someone we wish to be, or aspire to, but in real life do not have the tools to do so.

So whether you are interested in chat rooms or dating agencies, you can be sure that online bingo will provide a great way of chatting and meeting people online. And if you are lucky enough to meet your true love at the same time, then “BINGO”, your numbers have come up all at one!

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