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Bingo games

From all the online games, bingo most certainly is the easiest and ensures a whole lot of fun through the additional chat rooms. Unlike the traditional games, bingo online allows comments and chatting. Not the normal verbal conversation though, but through chat room dialogue.


King Jackpot provides the ideal place to meet new people, make friends and even develop networks. You don’t need to be a specialist as with many other games, bingo at King Jackpot is about luck and fun, not skill.

Ticking cards made easy
Unlike missing numbers with ticking in the traditional games, bingo at King Jackpot is player friendly. A system is in place to do the ticking of numbers as called. You cannot miss a number and thus have a better chance at winning.

It also provides you more opportunity to have discussions with other players online while your game goes on. As you near the winning end, your cards change in colour from red to green and eventually purple for Bingo.

Privacy guaranteed

Unlike the traditional games, bingo online provides privacy. Players normally select a secret name whereby they are known in the chat rooms. This also means that you don’t have to communicate with someone if you don’t want to and best of all, you can do all of this from the comfort and privacy of your home.


Secure payments

Similar to other online games, bingo is played at King Jackpot through an e-wallet. You simply deposit an amount into the account and can then buy cards according to your budget. With the secure payment system, betting is made easy and pay-outs hassle free. Personification of another player isn’t possible, so your money is secure.


No more driving, finding parking or taking a huge chunk out of your daily schedule to enjoy games, bingo can be played online from the comfort of your home at any time. It should be noted that the jackpots are higher over weekends, but so are the cost of the cards. If you enjoy the risks and rewards of playing big, then enter a weekend play. If however, you fancy smaller risks, but still want to enjoy a few rounds, you should play during the week.

Chat room fun

Meet new people and develop friendships or even find your perfect match through the chat room. Since people are more honest than in real life situations, you get to know a person’s true manners. Relationships are not based on material well-being, age, looks, dress and more, but on conversation. You already have a love for risk and adventure in common as well as something you both enjoy in your free time. This is an excellent start for a long lasting friendship or even romance. Since the play and chat rooms are public and carefully monitored, you can be assured of the safety of conversations and people you meet.

Create a syndicate and split the risk

It is not illegal to form a syndicate of friends to play as a team. Only one wallet however, will be allowed and one person authorized to make and receive payments. Apart from this, you can create social events whereby you and your friends take on the odds. All of your friends can deposit the money into your bank account and you fund the gaming account. Pay-outs and risks are thus split.

Strategize and get more from the online experience

Apart from the normal jackpot, you can also benefit from the progressive jackpot offered. This is simply a system where the winnings of a previous round or stage is brought forward to the next stage when none of the players received a win. Take full advantage of the big prizes while you also play for the smaller prizes. Get bonuses for referring friends and regularly visit the site for special events where you can win big. You can also subscribe to the newsletter packed with promotions, information about special events and prizes.

Unlike the traditional games, bingo online at King Jackpot provides variety, excitement and a whole lot of opportunities to win. Visit the play room today and start a new hobby where you can have fun from the comfort of your home.

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