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The traditional bingo game prohibits chatting while play is on to prevent mistakes by players as they need to mark the numbers as they are called. The online bingo game at King Jackpot however, promotes chatting while the numbers are called. This means that while playing you can build online relationships, get the latest tips, congratulate other players, and more.

This is made possible through the auto daub system which marks the numbers on behalf of players. You will not miss a number and a chance at winning when you play at King Jackpot. In addition, the colour system makes it possible to identify possible winning patterns. If your card is four numbers from a win, the pattern will turn red, three numbers from a win will be indicated by yellow, only two numbers from the win will show up as green, and a winning card turns purple.

The bingo game is played with a minimum of three cards. Each card has 25 numbers. There are five columns and five rows. There is always one number hidden. The caller announces the balls and the winning card is the one that matches the pattern. If there is no win in a particular round, the winnings are carried forward to the next round. This type of progressive jackpot ensures that amazing amounts can be won.

The chat room also offers prizes and draws alongside the main activities. Sign up today at King Jackpot. It is free and you will receive 5 UK Pounds to play with. Once you fund your account, the house will match 100-200% of the deposit. Subsequent deposits will also be matched according to the house policy. You can also participate in tournaments by simply playing a bingo game and clicking on the tournament button. An exciting world, filled with prizes, rewards, cash winnings, and bonuses await you at King Jackpot.

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